Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Gouda Cheese - Dutch Cheese

Buy cheese online at the Gouda Cheese Shop

Gouda cheese is regarded worldwide as one of the tastiest cheeses because of its salty taste and its firm texture. It is, however, not always easy to find cheese from the Netherlands in other countries, and even if you can find it, it is usually very expensive. Fortunately you can buy cheese online at the Gouda Cheese Shop for Dutch prices. People from the Netherlands don’t like to pay much for their products and you can profit from this ideal. The cheese at this webshop is offered for prices you would pay in the Netherlands and therefore a lot cheaper than similar cheeses outside of the Netherlands. Moreover, because the Gouda Cheese Shop is of Dutch origins, if you buy cheese online here you will be sure that it is in fact Dutch cheese. Ordering cheese online will also ensure that you don’t have to leave your house and go to the Netherlands to get your favorite kind of Dutch cheese.
Gouda Cheese
Gouda Cheese

Buy cheese online, and more

This webshop offers a great variety of products. Of course you can buy cheese online here, but did you know that the Gouda Cheese Shop also has a great amount of Dutch products, such as cookies, candy and snacks, and non-food products such as wooden shoes, postcards and all kinds of cheese products such as cutting boards and cheese knives? Here you can find everything you need for a great cheese experience. Buy cheese online here at this webshop and you will be sure that the best Dutch cheese will enter your home soon.
Gouda Cheese
Gouda Cheese

Cheese for all purposes

Traditional cheese from the Netherlands makes a great snack at parties and is fantastic for grilled cheese. At this webshop you will find everything you need, so buy Gouda Cheese online and experience great cheese flavor for a very low price.
Gouda Cheese
Gouda Cheese

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cheese fondue set

With a cheese fondue set you have everything you need for an enjoyable evening with family or friends. The set includes a pot, a chafing stand, a candle or a spirit burner for the heating, and long-stemmed fondue forks. What makes a cheese fondue so pleasurable is that all table companions eat from the same pot, and that you can create your own meal instead of waiting until your dinner is served. That makes it very popular with children as well.
Cheese fondue set
Ingredients for a cheese fondue
A classical fondue consists of Gruy√®re and/or Emmental cheese. Furthermore, generally white wine is added. This serves for the special fondue taste. You can use bread to dip in the cheese, or vegetables, olives or fruit. It is important to choose some solid ingredients, that don’t easily melt or fall apart in the cheese. The word fondue originates in the French word fondre, which means melting. Cheese fondue is a delicious but also quite a heavy dish, so be prepared! It is nice to have some salad, tomatoes, cucumber or pickled gherkins as a fresh side dish. And to drink, white will goes very well with cheese fondue.
Cheese fondue set
Pick your favourite cheese
Gouda Cheese Shop offers a wide range of delicious cheeses, most of them are perfect for a cheese fondue, and it depends on your taste which one you like. You can experiment with combining multiple types of cheese. Next to Swiss cheeses, Dutch chee

ses are an excellent choice for cheese fondue. To make cheese more popular the Swiss Cheese Union promoted cheese fondue as a Swiss national dish in the 1930s, but by then it was already a part of the cuisine for a long time in France and Italy. From the 1960s it became popular all over the world.

Preparing a cheese fondue
It is not difficult to make a cheese fondue. It just requires some patience. You start by rubbing the cheese pot with a cut garlic glove. Then you gently heat the white wine in the pot together with some cornstarch to prevent the ingredients form separating. Then you slowly add the grated cheese, so that it can evenly melt. Often in the end a bit of kirsch is added, a clear, colourless fruit brandy. After that you can add some seasoning according to preference, and then the meal is ready!
Cheese fondue set
Which set to choose?
We offer various types of fondue sets, ranging from pots made of cast iron, ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel. Some sets also include a set of bowls. With some of them you can also prepare other types of fondue, such as meat fondue. Originally, the fondue pot is called caquelon, a Swiss-French word dating back from the 18th century. Prices range from around 30 euro’s until around 200 euro’s, depending on the design and quality. Most of them are big enough for six persons. There is a big choice, so you will surely find one set that you like. 

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Enjoy the delicious flavours of real farmhouse cheese

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese - Light
The Dutch cheeses come in a variety of different shapes, colours and of course different tastes. This means you can choose any kind of cheese you like. Some people say they don’t like cheese, but given the amount of different flavours, this is almost impossible. In any case, it is nice to explore the various options. You can go to the supermarket and buy some regular cheese, but you can also try and find some farmhouse cheese. This type of cheese is made by the Dutch farmers on their own farm. This means the cheese is homemade, or put in more fitting terms, it is farm-made. Traditionally, it is the farmer’s wife who makes the cheese.

She uses her own ideas and recipes to create a one-of-kind type of cheese. It also depends on the soil and the grass and the way the milk is transformed into cheese. Each farmhouse cheese is therefore unique. In the Netherlands there are still around 3000 farms left where farmer’s cheese or Dutch Farmhouse cheese is made. This means you can choose from a large variety of exclusive cheeses.

The various sorts of Dutch Farmhouse cheeses

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese - Stolwijker
With 3000 different farms creating their own version of the Dutch Farmhouse cheese, it might be a bit challenging to find the right type of cheese. But luckily there are often ways to make life just a bit easier. For instance, if you go to the website of goudacheeseshop.com, you can find a lot of different Farmer’s cheeses. They are all presented with a picture and a description of the taste that you can expect. This is very convenient, because you can compare various sorts of Farmer’s cheese and once you find the cheese that suits your taste, you can immediately order it. Since you have so many choices, it might be nice to get an idea what kind of flavours you can expect when you go for a typical Dutch Farmers cheese. One option you have, to give an example, is the Farmhouse matured Gouda cheese. This cheese has been lying in a warehouse to mature for about 6 months. It is therefore a slightly mature cheese. The cheese is made with fresh milk from the farm. So unlike cheese from the factory, you know you will be enjoying real fresh homemade cheese. Other options you have are:
·         Farmhouse cheese Extra matured
·         Crumbly Farmhouse Gouda Cheese
·         20+ Farmhouse low fat cheese
If you are curious, just take a look on the website and see for yourself what all the options are regarding Farmhouse cheeses.

Cheeses online

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese - Jumbo Stolwijker
When it comes to online shopping, you don’t immediately think about cheese. But nowadays more and more products are being sold online. You do not have to worry about shipping. Cheeses are usually covered by a hard layer and all cheeses are wrapped in a vacuum package so that it arrives just as fresh as the day it was packed.  

Buy your delicious farmhouse cheese in our webshop!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Enjoy cheese in a whole new way with smoked cheese

Smoked Cheese
When it comes to smoked food most people are familiar with a lot of different foods that can be smoked. Of course there is smoked sausage, smoked salmon, different kinds of smoked meat and the list can go on. What most people do not directly associate with smoked foods, is cheese. And yet, smoked cheese is one of the most delicious delicatessen you can find. Especially if you are a cheese enthusiast. Smoked cheese is made like all smoked foods. The cheese is typically made as normal cheese and the smoked flavor is added afterwards by smoking the cheese. The combination of cheesy and smoky flavors works very well. For those people who are not necessarily fans of cheese but who do like smoked foods, smoked cheese might just be right for you. Of course smoked cheese still tastes like cheese, but the smokiness really puts in on a different level. All smoked foods have that same smoky flavor in common. So who knows, smoked cheese might just be right for those who normally do not seek to eat cheese. Of course most people do not like all cheeses since there is so much variation and thus so many flavors.

Where do I find smoked cheese?

Smoked Cheese
When it comes to cheese Gouda is of course one of the best brands. This brand is know all over the world. This is not surprising since Gouda has been around for a long time and this company has been active in the world of cheese for generations. This is why such innovations like smoked cheese, but also cheeses with herbs and melted cheese, have been developed by Gouda. Via a website like goudacheeseshop.com you can easily order any kind of cheese you need. So if you want to try some smoked cheese, this is a good website to start. Of course you can go the supermarket for any kind of normal cheese. But as soon as you want something more exclusive, the internet is often a good place to look. Supermarkets usually cover all the basics, but something like smoked cheese is hard to find. Plus, a website like goudacheeseshop.com gives you the option to choose your own quantities.

Is it a good idea to order cheese online?

Smoked Cheese
Of course it is not strange to think that cheese cannot really be sent via post. It is a fresh product and once you pack it, it normally needs to be cooled. To solve this problem all cheeses, and so also the smoked cheeses, are freshly cut from the blade and immediately after wrapped in vacuum. Once the cheese is properly wrapped, you can easily keep it for 5 to 6 weeks. Shipping is no problem since the cheese always has a hard cover which makes it perfect for transport. You will not find any problems in that domain. So, if you want to have a nice exclusive cheese to add some flavor to your dish, then you can easily order your smoked cheese online at Gouda Cheese Shop.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Delicious Gouda Holland cheese

Dutch cheese is famous worldwide for its salty taste and firm texture. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get a hold of this delicious Dutch cheese outside of the Netherlands. That’s why the Gouda Cheese Shop offers you the possibility of ordering all kinds of Dutch cheeses online. Here you can choose between a great variety of cheeses, and your order will be send to you address immediately. Wherever you may live, you can enjoy the delicious taste of Dutch cheese right at your home.
Beemster Cheese
A great variety of real Gouda Holland Cheese
The Netherlands has a very rich cheese tradition, which resulted in various kinds of cheese. The Gouda Cheese Shop proudly presents the Gouda Holland Cheese. Gouda cheese is one of the best known Dutch cheeses worldwide. Unfortunately, if you buy Gouda cheese outside of the Netherlands, it doesn’t taste like real Gouda cheese. That’s because the name “Gouda” is not a protected name. At the Gouda Cheese Shop, we only sell real traditional Gouda Holland Cheese, that is characterized by its salty taste and firm texture, and often has a darker shade of yellow than foreign Gouda cheese. Moreover, if you go to the Gouda Cheese Shop you will find a great variety of different Gouda Holland Cheese, such as:
  • Farmhouse cheese
  • Beemster Cheese
  • Herb Gouda
  • Cumin cheese
  • Nail cheese
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Organic Gouda cheese
Farmhouse Cheese
Buy online Gouda Holland Cheese
If you are looking for Gouda Holland cheese and you aren’t satisfied with anything less than the real traditional Dutch cheese, the Gouda Cheese Shop is the best shop for you. Not only are you able to find all the delicious Dutch cheeses, but you can also easily order these cheeses online. This means that you don’t have to jump through hoops to get a hold on traditional Dutch cheese.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Edam Cheese

Special characteristics of Edam cheese

Edam Cheese
Edam Cheese
Edam cheese is a special type of cheese that is unambiguously regarded as a quintessential Dutch cheese. It even originated in the Netherlands and its name derives from the actual town of “Edam”. The town is located in the province of North Holland and can even be visited today. In fact, many locals and tourists do so. Red Edam cheese has some characteristics that make it a surprisingly versatile type of cheese. For instance, it can hardly go bad. Instead of spoiling or going bad, the Red Edam cheese only hardens. This is one of the reasons why this kind of cheese was so popular in earlier times, such as the sea culture between the fourteenth and eighteenth century. Furthermore, the following can be said about the taste of this specific kind of cheese. When the Edam cheese is still young, it has a surprisingly mild flavor and taste. This does change over time, however. More specifically, its flavor becomes significantly sharper. The cheese also becomes sturdier and can more easily be broken into smaller pieces. All in all, this makes the Red Edam cheese a suitable choice for anyone. Due to its mild taste, it is hard not to like it. As such, it is hard not to like this kind of cheese. For the more seasoned eater, the cheese can be stored for a certain type. It will then develop a more prominent taste.

Buy Edam Cheese online in our webshop: Gouda Cheese Shop

Edam Cheese

Giving a unique cheese gift

Edam Cheese
Sometimes it can be hard to think of a cultural gift that suits the receiver. In the Netherlands, however, this does not have to be so difficult. In Holland, cheese production is an important part of the country’s traditional culture. As such, a cheese gift can be a splendid present for anyone back home. It can furthermore be used in a business setting. That is, A cheese gift set is inherently a part of Dutch culture and high-quality cheeses can be given to any person at work, at a partner company or back home. The website offers a wide range of different kinds of cheese gift set. Especially in North America and Scandinavia there is a longing for Dutch cheeses. A cheese gift box can therefore be the perfect present for somebody special. Given that the website offers many premium cheeses that can be packed in vacuum, there are few reasons not to buy them. The vacuum packaging furthermore allows the cheese to be stored for an extended period of time. It can now be taken home easily, where it can be stored even longer by yourself or the person who is to receive the cheese.

Possible combinations

Edam Cheese
Edam cheese from a cheese gift box can be combined very well with different kinds of fruit. Think about peaches, for instance, but also melon and cherry. This applies specifically to the young kind of Edam cheese that has not had the time to ripe yet and therefore still has its mild, light taste. Older cheese goes well with traditional fruits like apples and pears. When it comes to products other than fruits and berries, one could say that crackers and bread can well be combined with Red Edam cheese. In fact, the Dutch people often eat a sandwich with this type of cheese. Another important aspect of combining this type of cheese is what kind of wine to choose. According to prominent taste experts, the Edam cheese can be served with Pinot, Riesling or Champagne. More combinations are possible of course, but these are the most common ones that are used all over the world.

Interested in some delicious Edam Cheese. See our webshop Gouda Cheese Shop.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Very old cheese

Very old cheese

Are you fond of very old cheese? At the website goudacheeseshop.com we have plenty of Dutch cheeses. Old is just one of the many tastes in our assortment. All our products have extra quality, are deliciously spicy with a creamy flavour. We understand that it’s inconvenient to buy cheesepieces online. You can’t taste them or touch them, but with the description at every product we hope to inform our customers as good as possible. Check carefully what kind of very old cheese suits your taste and make your order.

Crumble Gouda Cheese

The quality of very old cheese
In the assortment you find a variety of very old cheese from the following Dutch brands:
Gouda Cheese
Old Peter
Old Amsterdam
Old Amsterdam Cheese
The old kind from Gouda has a great quality and has tasteful salt crystals. The one from old Peter has a spicy and creamy flavour. If you’re looking for a kind with a full flavour and without any salty properties, the old Amsterdam version is perfect for you. In case you have no idea what brand to choose or you just need a variety of brands, the packages are perfect for you. For example the Old Cheeses Packages and the Gouda Cheese Package. This is ideal to explore more kinds next to the regular very old cheese you usually eat.
Combine with appropriate tools
Cheese Package very old cheese
Usually old cheeses are very difficult to slice. Therefore good steel slicers are necessary and you can buy them at this website as well. With the designer knives you can slice the best pieces. The better it’s cut, the more delicious the taste you’ll experience. No matter how big the cheesepart is you order, it will be send vacuum packed to your address. So order this Dutch traditional food product with a sharp slicer to enjoy it even better.