Friday, 13 December 2013

Dutch Cheese

Dutch Cheese
Go online to buy the best Dutch cheese there is. Even if a cheeseshop is not nearby, you can get your favourite taste via the website In our assortment you find all kinds of cheeses between which you can choose. You can order the usual kind or a package with a variety of cheese products. This way you can try something different things. Perhaps you have family or friends coming over, or you’re going to visit them and you’re thinking about buying a present for them? Take a look at this website and perhaps you find the best and original present. If you’re someone who enjoys eating cheese, than order a big piece at our website. You’ll receive your favourite Dutch cheese in no time.
Dutch cheese
Dutch cheese
The best of Dutch cheese
We sell many kinds of Dutch cheese from the best brands of the Netherlands. For instance we have the following tastes:
  • Matured
  • Semi matured
  • Young matured
  • Extra matured
Furthermore we also products with extra herbs and flavours, for example:
  • Truffle
  • Cumin
  • Red or green pesto
We also sell the special kinds like organic or farmhouse cheese. All products are made from cow’s milk and include nutrition products like vitamins A, B and D.  
Dutch cheese
Dutch cheese
Delicious and firm

Dutch cheese has a great quality and is creamy in its flavour. It has a very firm structure which is why it’s suitable sending these products. All parts will be freshly cut and vacuum packaged. If you order your favourite product online, we’ll make sure you or other recipients receive the cheese package in good order. Take a further look at our cheese collection to see what else there is to try. Perhaps you discover tastes or kinds you’ve never heard of. Or just order a package and discover more of the yellow Dutch finest.