Monday, 17 August 2015

Edam Cheese

Special characteristics of Edam cheese

Edam Cheese
Edam Cheese
Edam cheese is a special type of cheese that is unambiguously regarded as a quintessential Dutch cheese. It even originated in the Netherlands and its name derives from the actual town of “Edam”. The town is located in the province of North Holland and can even be visited today. In fact, many locals and tourists do so. Red Edam cheese has some characteristics that make it a surprisingly versatile type of cheese. For instance, it can hardly go bad. Instead of spoiling or going bad, the Red Edam cheese only hardens. This is one of the reasons why this kind of cheese was so popular in earlier times, such as the sea culture between the fourteenth and eighteenth century. Furthermore, the following can be said about the taste of this specific kind of cheese. When the Edam cheese is still young, it has a surprisingly mild flavor and taste. This does change over time, however. More specifically, its flavor becomes significantly sharper. The cheese also becomes sturdier and can more easily be broken into smaller pieces. All in all, this makes the Red Edam cheese a suitable choice for anyone. Due to its mild taste, it is hard not to like it. As such, it is hard not to like this kind of cheese. For the more seasoned eater, the cheese can be stored for a certain type. It will then develop a more prominent taste.

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Edam Cheese

Giving a unique cheese gift

Edam Cheese
Sometimes it can be hard to think of a cultural gift that suits the receiver. In the Netherlands, however, this does not have to be so difficult. In Holland, cheese production is an important part of the country’s traditional culture. As such, a cheese gift can be a splendid present for anyone back home. It can furthermore be used in a business setting. That is, A cheese gift set is inherently a part of Dutch culture and high-quality cheeses can be given to any person at work, at a partner company or back home. The website offers a wide range of different kinds of cheese gift set. Especially in North America and Scandinavia there is a longing for Dutch cheeses. A cheese gift box can therefore be the perfect present for somebody special. Given that the website offers many premium cheeses that can be packed in vacuum, there are few reasons not to buy them. The vacuum packaging furthermore allows the cheese to be stored for an extended period of time. It can now be taken home easily, where it can be stored even longer by yourself or the person who is to receive the cheese.

Possible combinations

Edam Cheese
Edam cheese from a cheese gift box can be combined very well with different kinds of fruit. Think about peaches, for instance, but also melon and cherry. This applies specifically to the young kind of Edam cheese that has not had the time to ripe yet and therefore still has its mild, light taste. Older cheese goes well with traditional fruits like apples and pears. When it comes to products other than fruits and berries, one could say that crackers and bread can well be combined with Red Edam cheese. In fact, the Dutch people often eat a sandwich with this type of cheese. Another important aspect of combining this type of cheese is what kind of wine to choose. According to prominent taste experts, the Edam cheese can be served with Pinot, Riesling or Champagne. More combinations are possible of course, but these are the most common ones that are used all over the world.

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Very old cheese

Very old cheese

Are you fond of very old cheese? At the website we have plenty of Dutch cheeses. Old is just one of the many tastes in our assortment. All our products have extra quality, are deliciously spicy with a creamy flavour. We understand that it’s inconvenient to buy cheesepieces online. You can’t taste them or touch them, but with the description at every product we hope to inform our customers as good as possible. Check carefully what kind of very old cheese suits your taste and make your order.

Crumble Gouda Cheese

The quality of very old cheese
In the assortment you find a variety of very old cheese from the following Dutch brands:
Gouda Cheese
Old Peter
Old Amsterdam
Old Amsterdam Cheese
The old kind from Gouda has a great quality and has tasteful salt crystals. The one from old Peter has a spicy and creamy flavour. If you’re looking for a kind with a full flavour and without any salty properties, the old Amsterdam version is perfect for you. In case you have no idea what brand to choose or you just need a variety of brands, the packages are perfect for you. For example the Old Cheeses Packages and the Gouda Cheese Package. This is ideal to explore more kinds next to the regular very old cheese you usually eat.
Combine with appropriate tools
Cheese Package very old cheese
Usually old cheeses are very difficult to slice. Therefore good steel slicers are necessary and you can buy them at this website as well. With the designer knives you can slice the best pieces. The better it’s cut, the more delicious the taste you’ll experience. No matter how big the cheesepart is you order, it will be send vacuum packed to your address. So order this Dutch traditional food product with a sharp slicer to enjoy it even better.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cheese online

Cheese online
Beemster Cheese
We do not only want the Dutch to enjoy our delicious cheeses, we also want an abroad audience to be able to try them. Therefore, we provide the opportunity for people outside the Netherlands to order our cheese online as well.
Cheese online

Our cheeses
Dutch cheese is famous for its salty taste and its characteristic aroma. Our cheeses are made from high-quality ingredients and are without preservatives. Have a look at our stock and order our cheese online now.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Edam cheese

Edam cheese

One of the best known types of Dutch cheese is Edam cheese. This cheese is best known for its characterise red skin and its mild taste. It is also very low in fat, with only 28-percent of the cheese made up of fat.
Edam cheese
Edam cheese

When to choose for Edam Cheese
It is best eaten in combination with dried fruits or nuts, but can also be used in cooking. Molten it has an excellent stringy taste that is delicious in almost any dish.
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Edam cheese
Edam cheese

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dutch Cheese

Dutch cheese
Dutch cheese is famous for its characteristic salty taste. Also, its structure is firm, which makes it suitable for delivery by post. Have a look through our assortment of Dutch cheese and buy it without leaving the house.

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You can order all sorts of Dutch cheese from our webshop, from blue cheese to Gouda cheese and from Old Amsterdam to Edam cheese. Have a look at the cheeses we have in stock and order your favourite one now. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Order cheese online
Our delicious cheeses are also available to be shipped abroad, so that not only the Dutch can enjoy them. Citizens of Europe can order cheese online from our web shop as well.

Our cheese assortment

We sell all sorts of cheese and cheese-related products, as cheese knifes and cheese graters. Our cheeses can be bought in different sizes as well. Have a look at our varied assortment and order cheese online once you’ve chosen your favourite cheese.