Thursday, 14 July 2016

Enjoy the delicious flavours of real farmhouse cheese

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese - Light
The Dutch cheeses come in a variety of different shapes, colours and of course different tastes. This means you can choose any kind of cheese you like. Some people say they don’t like cheese, but given the amount of different flavours, this is almost impossible. In any case, it is nice to explore the various options. You can go to the supermarket and buy some regular cheese, but you can also try and find some farmhouse cheese. This type of cheese is made by the Dutch farmers on their own farm. This means the cheese is homemade, or put in more fitting terms, it is farm-made. Traditionally, it is the farmer’s wife who makes the cheese.

She uses her own ideas and recipes to create a one-of-kind type of cheese. It also depends on the soil and the grass and the way the milk is transformed into cheese. Each farmhouse cheese is therefore unique. In the Netherlands there are still around 3000 farms left where farmer’s cheese or Dutch Farmhouse cheese is made. This means you can choose from a large variety of exclusive cheeses.

The various sorts of Dutch Farmhouse cheeses

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese - Stolwijker
With 3000 different farms creating their own version of the Dutch Farmhouse cheese, it might be a bit challenging to find the right type of cheese. But luckily there are often ways to make life just a bit easier. For instance, if you go to the website of, you can find a lot of different Farmer’s cheeses. They are all presented with a picture and a description of the taste that you can expect. This is very convenient, because you can compare various sorts of Farmer’s cheese and once you find the cheese that suits your taste, you can immediately order it. Since you have so many choices, it might be nice to get an idea what kind of flavours you can expect when you go for a typical Dutch Farmers cheese. One option you have, to give an example, is the Farmhouse matured Gouda cheese. This cheese has been lying in a warehouse to mature for about 6 months. It is therefore a slightly mature cheese. The cheese is made with fresh milk from the farm. So unlike cheese from the factory, you know you will be enjoying real fresh homemade cheese. Other options you have are:
·         Farmhouse cheese Extra matured
·         Crumbly Farmhouse Gouda Cheese
·         20+ Farmhouse low fat cheese
If you are curious, just take a look on the website and see for yourself what all the options are regarding Farmhouse cheeses.

Cheeses online

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese - Jumbo Stolwijker
When it comes to online shopping, you don’t immediately think about cheese. But nowadays more and more products are being sold online. You do not have to worry about shipping. Cheeses are usually covered by a hard layer and all cheeses are wrapped in a vacuum package so that it arrives just as fresh as the day it was packed.  

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