Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cheese fondue set

With a cheese fondue set you have everything you need for an enjoyable evening with family or friends. The set includes a pot, a chafing stand, a candle or a spirit burner for the heating, and long-stemmed fondue forks. What makes a cheese fondue so pleasurable is that all table companions eat from the same pot, and that you can create your own meal instead of waiting until your dinner is served. That makes it very popular with children as well.
Cheese fondue set
Ingredients for a cheese fondue
A classical fondue consists of Gruy√®re and/or Emmental cheese. Furthermore, generally white wine is added. This serves for the special fondue taste. You can use bread to dip in the cheese, or vegetables, olives or fruit. It is important to choose some solid ingredients, that don’t easily melt or fall apart in the cheese. The word fondue originates in the French word fondre, which means melting. Cheese fondue is a delicious but also quite a heavy dish, so be prepared! It is nice to have some salad, tomatoes, cucumber or pickled gherkins as a fresh side dish. And to drink, white will goes very well with cheese fondue.
Cheese fondue set
Pick your favourite cheese
Gouda Cheese Shop offers a wide range of delicious cheeses, most of them are perfect for a cheese fondue, and it depends on your taste which one you like. You can experiment with combining multiple types of cheese. Next to Swiss cheeses, Dutch chee

ses are an excellent choice for cheese fondue. To make cheese more popular the Swiss Cheese Union promoted cheese fondue as a Swiss national dish in the 1930s, but by then it was already a part of the cuisine for a long time in France and Italy. From the 1960s it became popular all over the world.

Preparing a cheese fondue
It is not difficult to make a cheese fondue. It just requires some patience. You start by rubbing the cheese pot with a cut garlic glove. Then you gently heat the white wine in the pot together with some cornstarch to prevent the ingredients form separating. Then you slowly add the grated cheese, so that it can evenly melt. Often in the end a bit of kirsch is added, a clear, colourless fruit brandy. After that you can add some seasoning according to preference, and then the meal is ready!
Cheese fondue set
Which set to choose?
We offer various types of fondue sets, ranging from pots made of cast iron, ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel. Some sets also include a set of bowls. With some of them you can also prepare other types of fondue, such as meat fondue. Originally, the fondue pot is called caquelon, a Swiss-French word dating back from the 18th century. Prices range from around 30 euro’s until around 200 euro’s, depending on the design and quality. Most of them are big enough for six persons. There is a big choice, so you will surely find one set that you like. 

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